Bacteria Rule Our Health

My Results- Genova GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile:

I have been anxiously awaiting my stool test results for a couple of weeks now.  And of course, the day they decide to arrive is the day before a big exam!  At first my mind was completely torn between studying (for my exam) and researching (to interpret my stool test), but I cleverly decided to use researching as a reward for studying.  NERD ALERT!

One of my favorite activities is to try and put the puzzles pieces of my health story together.  When I was 17 years old, I developed toxic shock syndrome and was injected with a hefty amount of an antibiotic called vancomycin in order to save my life.  My stool test revealed elevated levels of proteobacteria which I found can be caused by vancomycin:

“For example, vancomycin administration resulted in a dramatic increase in Proteobacteria levels accompanied with a decrease in the Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes phyla, but only vancomycin resulted in an improvement in the metabolic abnormalities associated with obesity. These results further highlighted the link between the gut microbiota and health, and indicate the potential benefits of using gut microbiota-manipulating strategies to improve health”

via Role of the gut microbiota in health and chronic gastrointestinal disease: understanding a hidden metabolic organ.

I also found several sources that indicate elevated proteobacteria as a factor in many cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Also consistent with large intestine microbiota of individuals with IBS, my stool test indicated a lack of diversity of commensal intestinal flora.  Although stool testing is not considered a reliable measure of IBS/SIBO, I find it very fascinating that the large intestine of individuals with IBS frequently indicates abnormalities that may warrant further investigation.

Further investigation to follow…Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates!

2 thoughts on “Bacteria Rule Our Health

  1. Hello sibowithhope,

    Could you please confirm your latest opinion: if I correctly understand your blog articles – it seems you have bad bacteria in large intestine that produce toxins / Hydrogen sulfide/ causing leaky gut or directly producing toxins that destroy small intestine nerves and motility resulting in SIBO / Cdt-B toxin (Cytolethal Distending Toxin B). ? And now you healed your sibo via probiotics and avoiding foods that feed Hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria?


    • I would not necessarily say that I have “bad bacteria” in the large intestine, but that my gut flora is compromised/dysbiotic and skewed toward hydrogen sulfide production (likely from heavy antibiotic use). The bacteria in the large intestine did not directly seem to be the cause of the leaky gut. Instead, it was the migration of bacteria from the large intestine to the small intestine in higher quantities than there are supposed to be (likely as a result of decreased motility). The decreased motility seemed to be from immune dysregulation and/or dysbiosis. I have no idea whether I have Cdt-B toxin because I never did the IBS Chek test. Probiotics and avoiding certain foods have certainly been important steps in my journey, but they are definitely not the only components I have used for healing. I hope that helps clear things up a little! I apologize if it is a little confusing- it is hard to sum up in writing without creating a book 😉


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