Terry Wahls’ Take On Sulfur Intolerance

If you have not heard of Dr. Terry Wahls’, let me give you a brief intro.  She is a functional medicine practitioner who cured herself from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a highly-debilitating illness.  Recently, she was the featured guess on Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness radio show (listen here).  I was intrigued by this episode because I read that sulfate intolerance was one of the issues discussed.  To listen specifically to the sulfur issue, skip to 23:00.

Some key takeaways:

  • People with sulfur intolerance often begin avoiding sulfur veggies (that would be me!!)
  • Dr. Terry Wahls stated that people who cannot handle sulfate actually need more of it. (wait, what?! you want me to feel miserable?)
  • Risk factors for sulfur intolerance: family history of brain, heart, or autoimmune issues.
  • Exposure to glyphosate disrupts glutathione production and sulfur pathways.

I have always been a fan of listening to my body.  When I noticed that sulfur foods caused my small intestine to retain fluid, I reduced my intake of those foods  However, Dr. Wahls qualifications and opinion on this matter make me want to research this issue further so that I am making the best choices for my health.

2 thoughts on “Terry Wahls’ Take On Sulfur Intolerance

  1. Interesting! I find I’m super sensitive to certain sulfur veggies and am hoping I won’t have to avoid them long-term. Curious to see if you will be able to introduce any back into your diet eventually.. 🙂


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