Maya Abdominal Therapy for IBS

I do not remember exactly how I came across Maya Abdominal Therapy, but after reading about it, I figured I would give it a try.  You can read about it here.  My main reason for pursuing this form of therapy was to get an assessment of the overall health of my abdominal region and see if it would help with chronic constipation.  Currently, I am reliant upon Natural Calm Magnesium, a restrictive diet, and a prokinetic drug to have healthy bowel movements.

During my session, the therapist mentioned a couple of things that I made sure to remember:

1) My spleen and liver were congested

2) Duodenojejunal was functioning slowly

I could literally feel my organs releasing and hear gurgling noises at various points of my abdomen while she worked on it. It really sounded like she was getting things to function.  She recommended that I come back in one to three weeks for a follow up as it often takes several sessions to get to the many layers of the abdomen.

Have you had Maya Abdominal Therapy for IBS? I would love to hear about your experience!

One thought on “Maya Abdominal Therapy for IBS

  1. Yes, i use to do it for ibs and polyps / fertility. It was great I felt like it helped my stomach issues a little. I need to start doing it again.


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