Goodbye Hydrogen & Welcome Methane (Breath Test #2)

About two weeks ago, I performed a second breath test to determine if my SIBO had cleared up.  I was very hopeful that it would be negative because I had zero symptoms from consuming the lactulose solution (a very different story from when I first did the test in February).  Well, this morning, the results came in!

The good news: my hydrogen levels have gone down (from 72 to 30 as the peak in the first two hours)

The bad news: methane has made its appearance on my test (this is not necessarily a bad thing because my symptoms indicated that I was a methane producer all along and I have read that methane can hide on breath tests).  Another possible explanation is that I used different laboratories for the two tests.  I have heard that Commonwealth (which I used for breath test #1) tends to under-represent methane.

Unfortunately, my results were one day too late on their arrival, so I was not able to discuss them with my SIBO specialist yesterday.  I predict that at my next appointment (in two weeks), we will figure out a treatment protocol to get the rest of those bacteria (and archea) out of my small intestine.  I am also currently working with practitioners and doing some of my own research on how to optimize my methylation pathways.

View PDF files of my breath tests:

Breath Test #1

Breath Test #2

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Hydrogen & Welcome Methane (Breath Test #2)

  1. Hello! I also have confirmed SIBO (via Commonwealth). I did a round of Rifixamin+Metronidazole without the results we were hoping for. I am now on a low-Fodmap, SCD diet and am starting up some herbal antibiotics. I came across your blog and was wondering how you’ve been doing since you posted this.


    • Hi Sarah,

      I have not seen much improvement since this last post, but I have also not had any worsening of symptoms. The graph of my breath test two results was still not available at my last appointment (only the numbers). I did oregano oil for a couple of weeks (to potentially help with methane), but didn’t notice too much improvement from it. Neem has been the most helpful for me. Still trying to figure out whether the bacteria is causing the constipation or if it is from another source. It is still possible that hydrogen sulfide is what is causing issues for me, not methane. It could also be a gallbladder issue or who know what else! Realistically, my symptoms are at a point where I wouldn’t go to a doctor simply based on my symptoms. However, I am taking exceptionally good care of myself in order to do that (sleeping 10 hours per night, eating a very restrictive diet, very low stress, hot yoga three days per week, massages every month, and my supplements)


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