Did I find a missing piece to my puzzle?

My health puzzle is the one I am referring to and green beans may be a missing piece.

About a month ago, I enlisted the help of a nutritionist to add to the network of medical professionals who are currently helping me heal from SIBO.  While on a phone call with her this week, I mentioned that I had IGG/IGA allergy testing done a year ago which revealed that I was allergic to eggs, kidney beans, cranberries, blueberries, coffeee beans, sesame seeds, etc.  She asked that I send it over to her.  Before I sent it, I took a look at it my results and discovered that I AM ALLERGIC TO STRING BEANS (aka GREEN BEANS).

I have been eating at least two cups of green beans almost every day for the past three months.  They have been one of my main sources of carbohydrates.  How did I miss this?  Well, at the time that I did the allergy testing, I was not eating green beans because I thought they were considered legumes and I was trying to stay low FODMAP.  Since I wasn’t eating them at the time of my allergy testing results, I sent knowledge of that allergy to the back of my brain.

While I don’t notice any digestive discomfort after eating green beans, during my class this summer, I would always be really tired right after lunch.  And guess what- I was eating green beans every day for lunch.

I do not think that removing green beans will be the magic answer to solving all my current health issues, but it may be one overlooked element that will set me on the path toward healing.

2 thoughts on “Did I find a missing piece to my puzzle?

  1. Riley, I hope this is a big piece of the puzzle. Still want to talk with you about helping us at the office. Will you be at Patrick’s BBQ on Sunday?


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